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We can’t stress this enough: There’s more content on Netflix than you’ll ever be able to watch, and there more being added every month. (Here’s our regularly updated list of what’s new on Netflix.) You can spend hours looking for the right thing to watch on any given night. If you need some help getting started, our critics have curated a bunch of different guides that will ensure you find something worth streaming. They’re all updated monthly and vetted by our Upstream team. If you don’t find something below, well, you can always try this nifty Netflix hack.


Netflix is the original major streaming option for home television audiences. When it started nearly 20 years ago, Netflix was a subscription-based DVD service that would mail DVDs straight to your home. It still does that too (more on that later), but in 2007, Netflix debuted its streaming service, allowing viewers to watch thousands of on-demand TV shows and movies ad-free. Ten years later, Netflix has become one of the biggest names in entertainment, producing critically acclaimed TV shows (Daredevil, House of Cards, Stranger Things, and Luke Cage, to quickly name four) and movies and hosting original comedy specials.

Netflix now offers up a wide range of content across every genre you can imagine. From full seasons of today’s hottest TV shows to classic movies, Netflix has more entertainment than you could ever possibly watch.

This membership grants you access to all our premium titles which are currently available on the platform as well as the titles which we will add in future. In addition to premium titles, you also get access to all Live Sports, including Cricket, Premier League, F1, Tennis and many more. This is our all-inclusive pack.

If you’ve ever used a streaming service, Netflix’s interface will be instantly familiar, but even for first timers, getting started is a breeze. Your primary source of movies will be your queue. As you look through content on the Netflix website and app, you’ll see a little plus sign in a circle. This button adds things to your queue for later viewing.

When you start using Netflix, your queue will be empty. Enjoy this period. It will be the last time as a Netflix user your queue will be fresh and new. One day you will look out at the expense of your queue and say, “When the hell did I get so into shows about cake?”

what is netflix? How does Netflix work?

Under your queue, Netflix offers several rows of options for movies and television shows, sorted by genre. As you watch more content, Netflix will learn about your viewing habits, offering up custom genres with colorful names like “80s action comedies” or “gory unconventional horror films for feminists.” Netflix’s algorithm is one of the smartest in the industry, so once you’ve moved past the stage where you’re just watching every big movie, take a chance on Netflix’s recommendations. You’ll be surprised how often they’re correct.

Netflix’s library contains a broad range of hit movies and shows from major networks. TV series like Arrow, The Flash, Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, and The Walking Dead come to the service a few months after their official airdate.