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AutoDraw is a new AI experiment by Google that gives suggestions for random doodles. The objects su

AutoDraw: Google’s AI Tool Turns Our Crappy Doodles Into Breathtaking Cliparts

If I talk about my career as an artist, it’s not more than just a couple of drawings featuring some house or stereotype scenery that the whole class used to draw. 

I am certainly satisfied after using Google’s Autodraw tool because of my drawing now has fine edges, even though, it includes the same house I have penciled for years.

You might’ve tried their Quick, Draw! tool. It also recognizes doodles but the process is far more automatic. With AutoDraw, people can create a piece of clipart and save it on their computer.

AutoDraw uses machines learning, same as Quick, Draw!, to recognize random doodles sketched on the screen. But it comes with a twist, all you need to do is sketch your imagination to the best possible clarity and choose from the objects shown in the suggestion bar.

The suggestions that are shown to you have been designed by professional artists and AutoDraw does the job of matching them with your doodle. You can submit professional drawings of your own, or suggest a new object for AutoDraw.

You can use the web-based AutoDraw tool on your desktop or phone. After you’ve finished your creation, you can click the three lines on the top-left corner to find the download option.

Try AutoDraw and show us your drawings. And don’t forget to drop your feedback.