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Google Subscriptions: Pay One Time For All Apps

Add subscriptions & recurring charges

With subscriptions, you can add products that charge users for content or services on a recurring Read More

Cortana Comes To Raspberry Pi 3 With Creators Update For Windows 10 IoT Core

The Windows 10 Creators Update scheduled to release this week. Other than for regular machines, a variant of the Creators Read More

AutoDraw: Google’s AI Tool Turns Our Crappy Doodles Into Breathtaking Cliparts

If I talk about my career as an artist, it’s not more than just a couple of drawings featuring some Read More

ALERT: क्या अभी ATM से पैसे निकालना है खतरनाक ? जानें RBI ने क्या कहा !

नई दिल्लीः दुनिया के 150 देशों में रेनसमवेयर साइबर हमले का असर देखा जा रहा है और आज इसके Read More

This Neural Network Generates Pick-Up Lines Your Girl Will Find Adorable Or Horrible

Athought struck in the mind of a research scientist Janelle Shane that her neural network, which she trained to craft  Read More

Why Does The Power Symbol Have This Shape? Does It Depict Anything?

Probably, everyone in our vicinity is familiar with the iconic power symbol present on various devices and used to turn Read More


Man Claims A Cellphone Tower Gave Him Cancer, Supreme Court Shuts It Down

While the topic of the harmful effects of radiation from smartphones and cellular towers is still debatable, India’s Supreme Court Read More

“Come And Hack Our EVMs” — Election Commission Throws ‘Open Challenge’

The leaders have also demanded that the paper trail of voting should be re-introduced in the future elections. In the Read More

40 Cyber Attacks Now Link To CIA Hacking Tools Uncovered By Wikileaks

Within the last month, we have heard several instances of Wikileaks releasing CIA’s hacking toolset to the general public as Read More